Scan Blocking Helmet (Psycho Pass)

Toadvine writes:

In between castings of the Dominator, I hatched a second Psycho Pass project to use up some extra materials I had sitting around the workshop, most notably an open-face motorcycle helmet, a tub of bondo, and some armature wire. I decided to see if I could throw together the brainscan-blocking helmet that figures prominently into the later episodes of Psycho Pass using (nearly) all materials I already owned. The only new purchases were 6 yellow LEDs and a couple of PVC joints.


I started with cardboard, bondo, and armature wire. The faceplate was pretty basic. I drilled the holes slowly and carefully after most of the building was done.

The lower “ear” panels on the helmet were built from a hexagon of thick MDF glued to a slab of 3mm Forex. The Forex had the ear panels’ rounded grooves cut into it by hand before gluing. For the “horn” panels, I used leftover epoxy and forex to build the irregular black modules. I inserted a 1/2″ dowel rod and a PVC joint into the back of each one.


The ears and horns were affixed to the faceplate with more epoxy. I let it cure overnight, then went about inserting LED collars into the drilled holes and wiring up the faceplate. The power actually travels through coaxial cables into a switch & battery on the back of the helmet (you’ll see soon).

Silver nylon straps (harvested from a duffel bag long ago) are snapped onto the helmet to hold the facemask in place. Flexible black tubing connects the horns to a T joint on the back of the helmet. The faceplate’s jaw is connected to the helmet with coaxial TV cables. These connect the yellow lights to a 9V battery and switch behind the PVC T joint.

The final touch was to glue a piece of scrap plexiglass in place at the center of the faceplate. Ready for action!