Knives Chau’s Knives (Scott Pilgrim)


Toadvine writes:

A friend is dressing up as Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (movie version) for Halloween this year and when I saw that Taylor was knitting her long black and white scarf, I offered to come up with a quick & cheap set of weaponry to match. The blades are never shown perfectly clearly in the film, so it took half an hour of going frame by frame through the fight scene between Knives and Ramona to collect enough reference material. I gradually developed an image of what the etched pattern on the blades was and created a schematic in Illustrator. I printed out the plans and traced them onto 1/4″ MDF. I cut the shapes out with a scroll saw. For the hilts I cut out the same shape a few more times and glued the layers together so the blade and handle were 1/4″ thick with a 3/4″ thick hilt.

I shaped the edge of the blade with an orbital sander and used a sanding bit on a rotary tool to sculpt the hilt into its proper taper at the tips. I sculpted a pair of pommels from Apoxie Sculpt and leveled the surfaces with the same sanding equipment I used on the MDF. A little sanding, then a little priming. There was one last detail I almost left out, so I glued some 1″ buttons to the ends of the pommels and filled in the holes with spot putty.

After a base coat I painted the “metal” sections with a silver acrylic and then used a dry brush with a darker metallic paint to suggest a precise blade edge. After giving the blade edge its shape, I painted the blade’s etched flame pattern on each side. After a few days to be sure I had dry paint, I added a glossy clear coat, sanded it smooth, and then sprayed another layer of clear to finish off the paint job.

I glued some strips of black leather, smooth side down, to have something rough and somewhat soft under the handle wrapping. To finish off the handles, I used a katana-style wrap with black lanyard cable. I hid double-sided foam tape on the edges of the handle to hold the wrapping in place.


I’m really looking forward to seeing them combined with Taylor’s scarf in the completed costume!