Inkling Boy (Splatoon)

Toadvine writes:

Splatoon has been capturing hearts and minds around here lately, and I decided that our inkling girls needed an inkling boy to go with them. The design brought its own challenges, though. Not only did it need the same tentacles as the Inkling Girl, but it also needed to stay put on the wearer’s head with significant weight in the rear and no chin strap to hold it still. I’d been researching EVA foam helmets recently, and it seemed like a perfect fit (bah-dum tshhhhh). I went with a basic fitted helmet with some additional craft foam glued into slots on either side for the inklings pointy ears and more over the forehead to create the grooves in the Inkling Boy’s head (hinting at the roots of the tentacles).


(Check out Evil Ted Smith’s fantastic video tutorial to see how the base helmet was made.

The Inkling girl (and the boy’s tentacles) are made of orange lycra, so the rest of the helmet needed to match. To prevent the lycra from showing every imperfection in the helmet’s foam construction, I covered the entire helmet with quilt batting, glued down with Fabri-Tac.


You can see in the above image that there’s a PVC coupler sticking out of the back – That’s for supporting the hair tie and tentacles later.

Speaking of the hair tie, it was made from a strip of 5mm craft foam that was sliced on a 1 x 1.5cm grid and briefly heated with a heat gun to emphasize the surface cuts. From there, I glued it into a circle that could fit around my PVC coupler, sprayed with Plasti-Dip and primer, then finished with acrylic paint.

Alright, with the gloss drying on the hair band, back to the helmet itself. I cut panels of orange lycra to cover the sections of the helmet and glued them down along the ridges in the head to hide the seams. The short, tentacle-like hair across the back of the head was sewn exactly like the same area on the Inkling Girl hats. There was a lot of stretching, holding and waiting here since I wanted everything tight and smooth. The ears were simple pouches of a tan fabric, glued down at the base under the orange.

I must have used an entire bottle of Fabri-Tac.

With the helmet finished, I glued the hair band to the PVC coupler with a bit of super glue, fed the tentacles through the hole, and glued them to the inside of the helmet. To my surprise, the snug helmet was enough to keep the tentacles from pulling everything off the back of my head Still – the goggles looked too good to leave them home!